5 Reasons Using a Travel Management Partner Is Worth It

If you travel a lot for business then you probably have a good routine down. You know when to get to the airport and what to pack, which hotels you like and which to avoid.

But, even for the most seasoned business traveler, there are still aspects of each trip that an experienced travel management partner can make easier — much easier. 

To help, we’ve put together five reasons why using a travel management partner is worth it:

You’ll get the best price — even after you book

A business travel management program like CWT’s Business Travel Solutions finds you the best prices on airfare and hotels — and then re-books your trip if the prices fall. The post-booking savings tracking is completely taken care of without anything needed from you.

Get trip assistance, from anywhere, at any time.

With 24/7 customer support, our Business Travel Solutions team is always there to help. If something needs to be rescheduled, our counselors reschedule it. If a flight gets canceled or a reservation is lost, our team is the one on the phone getting everything sorted out. This gives you more time to prepare for the big pitch that will make your career.

Travel details and data, all in one place

Our robust reporting features give you access to all of your business travel details and spend data — giving you full visibility of your ROI. CWT’s analytics and reporting tool allow your company to quickly and easily identify where your money is going and to track all of your travel-related expenses. Your corporate travel managers benefit from seeing their own data benchmarked against top industry performers and CWT client averages.

Book a business trip in under 5 minutes

Booking a trip takes less than 5 minutes. No, really. Less than 5 minutes to ensure you’re getting the best airfare, hotel, and ground transportation at the lowest cost. And, the more you customize your preferences in your BTS profile, the quicker and easier booking becomes. 

It’s free to start. Really.

Seriously. It’s free at the outset. No upfront costs to you or your employer, and there’s no contract to use the services. What’s more, according to research on 100 companies of all sizes and budgets, BTS can save you an average of 15 percent overall on business travel services. So, it finds ways for you to save. It’s a winning combination that’s getting us some recognition.

Join a travel management partner today — for free

Ready to book your next trip? We are. For more information on the right travel management partner for you, Contact CWT Business Travel Solutions and see how much money you’re leaving on the table.