Introducing CWT’s New Travel Savings Calculator

CWT now offers a new Travel Savings Calculator to help travel managers and frequent business travelers estimate how much they could save on business travel using our new Business Travel Solutions program.

The new savings calculator helps companies estimate how much they could be saving using CWT’s no-upfront-cost, no-contract Business Travel Solutions program. With Business Travel Solutions, companies can book travel, manage trips and ensure travelers follow important company travel policies that help them save time, money, and stress.

To estimate your travel spend and what you could save by partnering with CWT, all you have to do is enter your average annual number of domestic or international travelers and the average number of trips per traveler.

And while those savings are vital to your company, managing business travel is also much more than just a number. Using a travel management company like CWT also means you’ll:

  • Get the best trip price — even after you book. Our price tracking solution is always monitoring your booked travel and checking for price drops — saving you even more.
  • Get trip assistance, from anywhere, at any time.
  • Have your travel details and data, including costs, all in one place — helping you easily identify your ROI.
  • Book a trip in under 5 minutes.

Whether you’ve already signed up for BTS or you’re just learning of it, try out our new Business Travel Solutions Savings Calculator to see how much money you’re leaving on the table.

Ready to learn more about how we could help your company save? For more information on the right travel management partner for you, Contact CWT Business Travel Solutions.