Managing Business Travel; So Much More Than a Number

So, you finally decided to take the plunge and experiment with having someone else manage your business travel program. But, you’re questioning whether travel management is the right choice because there are dozens of websites that seem to offer low airfare and hotel rates at what appears to be a great deal.

But, is it really a great deal?

Booking on your own through an online travel agency (OTA) could appear to save money up front. But, there’s much more to managing business travel than shaving a few dollars off an airline booking.

Consider this: what if something goes wrong — like a traveler’s bag gets lost, or the flight doesn’t offer Wi-Fi? Calling customer service to correct any issues with bookings or delays could take precious time away from the business trip — time that employees could spend preparing for the business meeting, going over a pitch or even entertaining clients and bringing in more revenue.

If you coordinate employee travel plans, you might not be available at all hours of the day and night to help, when a business traveler is in a bind.

This all leads to frustrated employees, a loss of productivity, and worst-case scenario: a loss of business.

Corporate travel management is a solution many businesses are turning to in order to balance time and money. Carlson Wagonlit Travel offers free access to cutting-edge technology maximizing business travel.

Those advanced technology tools save you time on the front end by helping you coordinate all of your business travel plans, including airfare, ground transportation, and hotel accommodations. This allows you to maximize efficiency to find the best hotel to suit employee needs — taking into consideration where a meeting or conference is held or if the traveler needs access to a business center or a printer.

Services, like post booking savings tracking, work to make sure the business trip is booked at the lowest price by rebooking flights and hotels if the price drops from the time you book until the time you actually travel.

But, the best feature for corporate travelers in a pinch is the 24/7 customer support. If a flight gets canceled or the client pushes up a meeting, your CWT travel coordinator handles the details allowing your employee to focus on prepping for their pitch.

The Real Cost of Booking Business Trips with Online Travel Agencies

We took a side by side comparison of two business travelers, Mary and John. Initially, John thought he was getting a great deal on his business trip because his initial airfare cost seemed to be low.

John soon realized there is much more to business travel than merely the initial airfare number. There are many things to consider and what John had not considered is everything else that goes into traveling for business. Comparing apples to apples is critical.

CWT vs Online Travel Agency Infographic

Consider what is and is not working for your company when it comes to business travel. At the end of the day, your company is counting on you to manage time and its money best.

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