Seven Reasons Why You Should Use a Travel Management Company for Business Travel

Now that our world is so connected with the Internet, mobile apps and other technologies, booking business travel may seem easy to do on the surface. Just go online and book a round-trip flight, rental car and hotel, right?

If you’re in charge of arranging business travel for your company, you know there’s a lot more to managing travel than meets the eye. First of all, you’re expected to manage travel not just for one employee who’s taking one trip at a time. Rather, you’re managing travel for numerous employees traveling to destinations across the globe, year-round.

Employees’ travel involves inputting their personal information, account numbers and travel preferences with airlines, car rental companies, hotels and more. The travel you arrange must be in compliance with company rules, at the best rates available and all within your company’s travel budget. You’re expected to stay on top of travelers’ itineraries so you can be aware of and respond to last-minute travel changes, cancellations and emergencies. Leaders also look to you to manage mountains of travel data to make sure your company’s getting maximum return on its travel investments.

Business Travel Solutions by Carlson Wagonlit Travel (CWT), for example, provides you with business travel management expertise that can save you money, hassle and time. The combination of products and services Business Travel Solutions by CWT provides make it simple for you to organize business travel, manage costs, ensure compliance and take care of your travelers.

Business Travel Solutions by CWT makes it possible for you and your company to simplify your travel management tasks. As a result, you achieve the following seven benefits, to name a few:

Travel smart, and save

With Business Travel Solutions by CWT, you’ll gain access to our extensive buying power and tools to save your company money and time. To name a few: low cost booking, flight and hotel discounts pre-negotiated by CWT, unused ticket tracking with built-in reminders and regular reports that show you savings and compliance data at a glance. You also get the business intelligence you need to keep track of your travel data, make more informed decisions and quickly see the return on your travel investments. Use the solutions to unlock savings beyond the lowest fares and spend less time on travel management.

World-class technology and tools

Business Travel Solutions by CWT offers you a wide range of products to streamline and simplify travel management, including CWT To Go™, our award-winning app that gives your travelers all of the travel information they need, including fingertip access to itineraries, flight alerts, calendar sync, destination intelligence and mobile check-in. Our business intelligence offering, CWT AnalytiQs, provides on-demand reporting that highlights time- and money-saving insights and opportunities. CWT Portrait, our global profile management tool, gives you and travelers the ability to create and maintain profile information around the clock, and synchronize it with global distribution systems and online booking tools.

Save, even after you book

Provides an easy, hassle-free way to achieve incremental savings on already booked airline tickets and hotel reservations. It automatically checks for potential savings several times daily and continues looking for price drops until 24 hours prior to departure. CWT counselors can also proactively re-ticket reservations that are eligible for fare adjustments so you can further stretch your travel budget.

CWT Safety and Security

Stay informed, identify threats and locate and communicate with travelers in a crisis. Helps you make quick decisions while mitigating risk to travelers and your organization. Free white paper on risks facing corporate travelers in and out of the United States, and how you can prepare yourself using real-time alerts and travel data.

CWT Document Bank

Our proprietary tool, CWT Document Bank captures, tracks and promotes the use of unused documents, ensuring their value is not lost. Yields an average ticket reuse rate of 96 percent — a number that represents a big opportunity to increase the return on investment and overall value of your travel program.

VIP services

CWT has customized VIP service offerings by country for your designated executive travelers, ensuring that they receive the utmost care and attention from the moment of reservation until their trip is complete. We will work with you to tailor the VIP service offering to match your company’s needs and culture in order to be a truly value-added service for your VIP travelers. Includes enhanced travel services, concierge and destination services, emergency services and various meet-and-greet services.

A better traveler experience

Business Travel Solutions by CWT includes leading technology that gives travelers anytime, anywhere access to the world-class service, tools and perks they deserve. They can book online, on their mobile devices or over the phone with support from CWT travel counselors. We also set up each of your travelers with CWT solutions and stay in touch directly with them to make sure they’re using CWT to book all parts of their travel in the most convenient way for them. This approach helps keep travelers engaged with the solutions and in compliance with your travel program.

Benefit with support from a travel management company

Business Travel Solutions by CWT makes it possible for you to dramatically reduce the money, effort and time you spend to plan, organize and manage travel. We make it easier for you to keep track of travelers and travel-related data. Business Travel Solutions by CWT can also help you make faster, more informed decisions so you’ll get the most return out of your travel investments. Many of the world’s most successful businesses partner with CWT to manage their travel. Join us. Get started with Business Travel Solutions by CWT today, so you can focus on growing your business tomorrow and into the future.