Maximizing the duty of care for your business travelers is a priority. We’ve provided this guide to help.

No business trip is without its risks — from illness or injury to travel delays or cancellations. A typical business trip malady could include a late flight, lost baggage or a stolen or damaged rental car. In serious cases, business travelers could find themselves in danger from natural disasters or a terrorist attack.

In this informative corporate travel safety guide, you’ll learn:

  • What man-made or natural risks face today’s corporate travelers
  • How awareness of potential dangers can allow you to continue budgeting business travel as you see fit while keeping your employees safe
  • Effective business travel preparation tips
  • How real-time alerts and travel data can help inform corporate travelers and travel managers
  • How promoting and raising awareness of business travel risks will benefit your company
  • Those elements on which a risk-aware corporate travel policy should touch
Every company wants to ensure the safety of its employees. Our risk-mitigation guide will go a long way toward making your employees safe without having to reduce your travel budget. Learn how by clicking on the report.

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